Is Your Small Business Capable of Creating Content?

In a previous post Does My Small Business Need Content Marketing? my mission (and I chose to accept it) was to convince you of two things.

The first was that businesses of any size benefit from a sound content marketing strategy and second, as a business owner, you are capable of mapping that out and getting started by following 8 steps.

I also committed that we’d explore each step more thoroughly in subsequent posts. So let’s dive into creating content that matters to your audience. I’m eager to tackle this one because many of the businesses I chat to feel overwhelmed and under-qualified in this area.

My mission this time is to show you that your business is more than capable of creating content. You may choose to delegate or outsource creating some or all of your content but that doesn’t mean you’re not capable of creating it.

Before we delve into the steps needed to create meaningful content consistently, we need to tackle a myth and a pitfall. The myth is that businesses often think they must publish a new revelation every day to be successful. No wonder so many businesses feel discouraged.

Let’s dispel the myth! Relevancy and consistency are the long term strategy for growing your business using content marketing. Better to publish your content once a week to get started and say something relevant and intelligent than to publish flimsy content multiple times a day. Build your frequency later.

Photo courtesy of palo (CC)

Photo courtesy of palo (CC)

The pitfall turns out to be good news. When reviewing content for a variety of businesses I often find that they have jammed 5 years of knowledge into a lengthy post. Or they speak so fast to make 6 points in a 3-minute video that it’s impossible to understand what’s going on.

So what’s the good news? The good news is that within that lengthy post or crazy fast video there are several pieces of relevant content. Avoid the pitfall and be disciplined by tackling one topic per publication. This discipline will be your friend because it will allow you to explore topics properly.

You will also have a steady stream of deliverable content that builds and expands for your audience. If you’re concerned that you might run dry of new material, you will be pleasantly surprised when you break out your content into smaller digestible chunks.

So without further delay, I present to you the 10 steps of content creation:

  1. Commit an uninterrupted hour to jotting down topics that matter to your audience.
  2. When you have 25 – 30 topics organize them in order of importance to your audience.
  3. Take the first topic and decide the one thing you’d like your audience to know about it.
  4. Say it. Write it. Video it. Diagram it. You choose.
  5. However you choose to transfer your knowledge, be authentic. Be you!
  6. Let your content rest overnight and return the next day to refine and finalize.
  7. Edit purposefully and cut more than you add.
  8. Choose a compelling title with a punch. Questions work well.
  9. Publish it! Now! Don’t over-think it!
  10. Consider how you can adapt your content to other media and publish it again!

Creating meaningful content for your business will do several things for you. It will establish that you are indeed an expert (and it’s good to remind yourself of that!) It will also enable you to improve quickly, and it will allow you to build your personal brand, which is essential to growing your business.

As unlikely as it may seem when getting started, creating your content gets easier and faster with time and practice. If at first, your audience doesn’t seem to flock or grows very slowly, don’t give up.

It takes time to nurture a reputation for great information delivered consistently. Relevancy and consistency are the long term strategy for growing your business using content marketing. Get started today!

What are the tips that have helped you in creating content for your small business?

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